Welcome to Superior Computing Solutions – Your Home for Business IT Services in Central NC. When we take the responsibility to keep your network and all of your IT systems running your problems become our problems. We will monitor your network and all of your endpoints to proactively prevent problems. Problems will arise from situations beyond our control and beyond your control. Our promise to you is that we will diagnose and do whatever it takes to fix your problem just like it was our problem in our office.

Superior Care Services

Let us monitor and maintain your systems to proactively keep your systems running so that you can concentrate on your business and not computer problems.. We will monitor your endpoints, Servers and Desktops to keep malware out of your system. We will monitor your outgoing network to keep your employees concentrating on work and not Facebook, Twitter or any of the other time sucking applications on the internet. We will maintain your Router/Firewall to make sure unused ports are kept closed and there are no  rogue services running on your network. We will keep your desktops backed up and your servers backed up with the ability to startup each server in a virtual machine within minutes of any problem that may bring your server down.

Dark Web Monitoring

We will monitor your domain for any of your credentials showing up for sale on the Dark Web. This does not remove your credentials from the Dark Web, but it gives you the opportunity to fix those credentials before anyone has a chance to use them to break into your servers, desktops or your network.

Thoroughbred/Solution IV Support

We can support your custom Thoroughbred Basic Application as well as Thoroughbred Solution IV. With 30+ years of experience with Thoroughbred Basic we can maintain your software as well as creating custom additions to your software. Our relationship with Thoroughbred gives us the ability to update your basic system as well as adding SQL Server, MySQL and ODBC access to your data.

Break Fix/Hourly Support

If you are not ready for a managed solution we can take care of you on an hourly basis whenever you need a little help.